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Virtual Learning

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Our Approach​

Design Your Virtual Program

In today’s globalized world, students have adopted online technologies to augment cross-cultural engagement and learning. The AmeriCenter’s virtual learning programs are designed to deliver unique and destination-specific insights that appeal to students’ innate curiosity. From the initial program design through the delivery, The AmeriCenter works closely with faculty and student advisors to develop content, identify and engage with our extensive network of subject-area experts, and deliver, through a multitude of formats, invaluable experiences to students across the globe. The world is your classroom, where virtual learning creates possibilities were once thought to be unimaginable!

We Are Your Host Partner

The AmeriCenter’s virtual learning programs include both custom program design and a library of videos on trending topics that impact student’s lives. Whether you are seeking to bring the Americas into your classroom through engaging speakers and virtual visits or you are interested in synchronous online modules, our team will work closely with you to bring a truly virtual and global curriculum onto your campus.

Online, Offline and Hybrid Programs


Incorporate virtual learning into your curriculum by engaging expert speakers, panels, and unique virtual visits.


Take your virtual program offline, through experiential learning models designed around core themes.


Combine your online and in-person learning, with embedded virtual content and travel study programs.

What We Offer​

Academic Content

The AmeriCenter brings virtual learning content into the classroom, in the following academic areas:

Arts & Sciences




Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

The AmeriCenter develops and offers virtual learning content that can be incorporated into your course either online, in-person or in a hybrid model. Examples include live speakers and panels, faculty lectures, student consulting projects and more.

The AmeriCenter virtual learning content ranges from 30 minute segments to 24 contact hour mini-courses. A single virtual learning module is 60-90 minutes in length, on average.

Yes. The AmeriCenter has existing virtual content that can be shared upon request. In addition, The AmeriCenter is continually developing new virtual learning content which will be shared under the program examples section of this webpage.

Yes. The AmeriCenter works closely with faculty and our university partners to design unique customized virtual content.

Yes. If you are teaching an existing course with themes related to study away, we can assist you to integrate virtual learning content into your classroom.

For more details, please complete The AmeriCenter’s Request for Proposal form and we will be in touch to learn more about your goals and interests.