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Study Away Programs

Study Away

Our Approach​

Design Your Custom Program

Great study away programs begin with great program design! From curriculum integration, to site and visit assessment, to logistics, strong education programs incorporate not only key learning outcomes, but also a program flow allowing students the opportunity for exploration. Bring your classroom to life, with our team of Program Managers, to develop a customized once-in-a-lifetime course your students will remember forever! Our interactive program design process will ensure your academic goals are achieved, while much of the heavy lifting is left to our experienced team.

We Are Your Host Partner

The AmeriCenter is your host partner, not simply another “provider”. With your program design complete, you will work closely alongside a dedicated Program Manager through each step of the operational setup. With a local network of logistics partners, our team can gain access to visits and speakers others simply cannot. In addition, we will identify on-the-ground travel arrangements that meet your program budget and specifications. Ultimately, this is your study away program, and as your host partner we will do everything we can to ensure your students are accommodated throughout the program.

Localized Expertise

Experiential learning offers students invaluable insights into cultures and ethnic diversity, no matter where your travels take you. The AmeriCenter has established a unique expertise for study away program development, incorporating operational models for faculty-led programs around the globe. Whether your study away course is studying the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, the history of the Caribbean, energy in Texas, or even indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest, The AmeriCenter can help you design and execute study away programs that were previously thought unimaginable!

Study Away Program Destinations

Study Away Program Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

For study away experiences, The AmeriCenter offers the below logistics support:
  • All domestic transportation including daily bus, subway, train and flights
  • All accommodations (hotel level depends on request)
  • Arrangements for meals as required
  • Arrangements for historical and cultural visits, including ticketing and tour guide
  • Coordination of content related visits, including site tours, speakers and panels
  • 24/7 AmeriCenter support

The AmeriCenter can support your study away program with the below academic components:

  • Flexible curriculum development
  • Company visits, including facility tours and speakers
  • Academic lectures
  • Cultural visits with tour guides

The below is a list of various subject areas The AmeriCenter has or can integrate into a study away experience. With that said, we welcome your new and creative ideas!

• Culture & History
• Business
• Engineering
• Policy and Law
• Religious Studies
• Medical
• Education
• Language
• Management
• Political Science
• Sustainability
• Architecture

The AmeriCenter hosts customized study away programs in popular destinations throughout the Americas.

To develop a new program, the process is easy! Below is the step by step process. To learn more or discuss your ideas, fill out the Request for Proposal.

1. Consider your learning goals and what destinations to incorporate
2. Fill out a Request for Proposal (we will reply within 24 hours)
3. Define your customized study away program requirements
4. Develop one or more study away program proposals for review
5. Confirm The AmeriCenter will host your program
6. Receive full support from The AmeriCenter to prepare for your program
7. Pre-departure preparation and orientation
8. Receive finalized itinerary two weeks before departure
9. Depart for destination
10. Post-Trip feedback & support

Alumni Event Support

Alumni from our university partners are located throughout the world, and are interested in meeting with students. The AmeriCenter utilizes an extensive localized network to support our educational partners with alumni engagement, including Life and Career Advice and Career Development.

The AmeriCenter is committed to ensuring a wonderful learning experience for all students, including those with special needs. Previously, we have hosted students with hearing impairments and physical disabilities making every effort to prepare for the specific support required.

The AmeriCenter provides support to faculty leaders who are actively promoting and recruiting students for their study away programs. The AmeriCenter can provide onsite workshops, program flyer/brochure/poster templates, presentation PPT templates, and a lot more.